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Popular Greenhouses are Stylish and elegant, the Halls Forest Green (formerly High grove) Popular range, with its classic green finish, has been designed to provide distinction and refinement to your garden. The green finish is 'baked' onto each individual piece of aluminum ensuring an elegant AND low maintenance product. Simply hose down with warm soapy water and a soft broom once or twice a year. The green finish also prevents the aluminum frame oxidizing (pitting).

Frame: Aluminum
Covering: 4mm Twinwall polycarbonate
Base: not included
Warranty :15 year warranty

Stock # Description Vent Price Buy Now
G08-PG-G46S 4'4"W X 6'4" L x 6'5"H Ridge  Silver 0 $849 shopping carts
G08-PG-B46S  Base for PG 46 Silver   $159 shopping carts
G08-PG-G46G 4'4"W X 6'4" L x 6'5"H Ridge Green 1 $1,149 shopping carts
G08-PG-B46G Base for PG 46 Green   $249 shopping carts
G08-PG-G66S 6'4"W X 6'4"L X 6'5"H Ridge Silver 1 $999 shopping carts
G08-PG-B66S Base for PG 66 Silver   $179 shopping carts
G08-PG-G66G 6'4"W X 6'4"L X 6'5"H Ridge Green 1 $1,299 shopping carts
G08-PG-B66G Base for PG 66 Green   $269 shopping carts
G08-PG-G86S 6'4"W X 8'5"L X 6'5"H Ridge Silver 1 $1,149 shopping carts
G08-PG-B86S Base for PG 86 Silver   $189 shopping carts
G08-PG-G86G 6'4"W X 8'5"L X 6'5"H Ridge Green 2 $1,499 shopping carts
G08-PG-B86G Base for PG 86 Green   $289 shopping carts
G08-PG-G106S 6'4"W X 10'5"L X 6'5"H Ridge Silver 2 $1,299 shopping carts
G08-PG-B106S Base for PG 106  Silver   $209 shopping carts
G08-PG-G106G 6'4"W X 10'5"L X 6'5"H Ridge Green 2 $1599 shopping carts
G08-PG-B106G Base for PG 106  Green   $309 shopping carts

Note: Please Call Us To Check for Product Availability Before Placing Order

May We Also Suggest

All-Aluminum Benches

Top Tier All-Aluminum Shelf

  • Upper shelf rests on existing Aluminum bench to increase shelf space

  • Aluminum frame and aluminum slats for long life

  • 4' long, 10" wide, 15" high

G08-GB-TTA Silver $75.00shopping cart

G08-GB-TTAG Green$129.00shopping cart

All-Aluminum Benches

All-Aluminum Benches

  • 4' benches made entirely of aluminum for cleanliness and long life

  • Slatted tops allow for air circulation and drainage

  • Available with either one or two tiers

  • 30" tall, 20" wide, 4' long

G08-GB-A41  1-Tier Silver Bench $129shopping carts
G08-GB-A42   2-Tier Silver Bench $199shopping carts

G08-GB-A41G  1-Tier Green Bench $169shopping carts
G08-GB-A42G  2-Tier Green Bench $249shopping carts

Automatic Roof Vent Opener

Automatic Roof Vent Opener
Allows for automatic controlling of greenhouse temperature to provide ideal growing conditions, even when no one is at home. No batteries or electricity required, May be adjusted for different opening temperature, Easily installed; simply replaces existing vent arm, One-year warranty; average life is several years.

G08-RVO $59.99 shopping cart

Adjustable Louver Window/Polycarbonate

Adjustable Louver Window/Polycarbonate

  • Same as above but fitted with polycarbonate louver blades

  • Can be operated manually or fitted with optional automatic opener

G08-LWP  $89.99(Silver)shopping cart
G08-LWPG  $139.99(Green)shopping cart

Halls Automatic Louver Opener

Halls Automatic Louver Opener

  • Allows for automatic regulating of greenhouse temperature

  • Replaces manual opener on existing louver window

  • Adjustable to open at different temperatures

  • Works best in combination with automatic roof vent opener

G08-LOW  $ 74.99shopping carts

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