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10 Unique Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

10 Unique Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Does the plant and flower lover in your life have a stockpile of planters, seed packets, and garden figurines going unused year after year? Does coming up with a unique, useful, beautiful gift for the gardener in your life seem like a daunting task? If so, we are here to help! Read more about 10 unique holiday gifts for gardeners that will make this year’s holiday shopping a snap for every budget.

Gardening Gifts Under $50

There are a lot of inexpensive gardening gifts that every gardener will love, and use regularly. If you’re looking for unique holiday gifts that don’t break the bank, some of our favorites are:

·        Floating Plant Covers

These affordable, practical plant covers have a variety of uses. From protecting plants from extreme heat and cold to helping soil stay moist, floating plant covers are something that most gardeners will need and use for years to come.

·        Hydro-bottle Watering System

This fun gardening gift bottles to hemp maintain soil moisture. You can decorate the bottles to include photos, paintings, or messages for a more personal touch. Environmentally conscious growers will appreciate the use of up-cycled bottles as part of their garden decor.

Hand-crafted Gifts That Keep on Giving

For one-of-a-kind gifts for gardeners that will last for decades, we specialize in hand-crafted cypress wood items that are sure to please any gardener on your list.

·        Cypress Wood Gothic Arch Greenhouse Kit

One of the strongest hobby greenhouses on the market, the eye-catching design of the Gothic Arch Greenhouse compliments all architectural styles. Made from sustainable heart cypress and made individually by our master craftsmen, this greenhouse kit is truly unique. The high peak and sloped edges make it ideal for areas with heavy snow and wind loads. This greenhouse will provide the ideal growing environment for your loved one’s plants and flowers year after year.

·        Cypress Wood Potting Bench

Also made from sustainable, long lasting heart cypress, our potting bench adds a combination of style, and storage space to your greenhouse, porch, or garden. These potting benches are ideal for storing small gardening tools, displaying flowers, or using as a work space. Practical, beautiful, and affordable, our cypress wood potting bench is ideal for all plant and flower lovers.

Gardening Gifts for Small Spaces

Not all gardeners have the luxury of ample space to grow the plants that they love. Some growers are limited to patios, rooftops, and even small indoor spaces. Here are a few unique holiday gifts that we recommend for gardeners who are limited on space.

·        TAB Indoor/Outdoor Aquaponic System

This growing system is great for its compact size, ease of use, and the ability to not only grow plants, but cultivate fish! If your gardener wants to experiment with trending growing styles but doesn’t have the space, this is an ideal gift. The plants and fish rely on each other to create a little eco system that is clean, sustainable, and affordable. This system also makes a great gift for schools, teachers, and community programs.

·        Elevated Planters

Elevated planters are ideal for creating small gardens in small spaces. The elevation allows for better drainage, keeping plants healthier and happier. Elevated planters are also the perfect solution for people who love to garden, but cannot bend over to tend to plants growing in the ground. These planters add the beauty of foliage to any porch or patio décor.

Helpful Gifts for Larger Spaces

Some gardeners have large, outdoor growing spaces or greenhouses that can be difficult to manage at times. Here are a few items that can help manage and organize these spaces for your loved one.

·        Greenhouse Shelving

Whether your gardener is looking for a place to display their prized blooms, or looking for way to stay more organized, greenhouse shelving is a great solution. Available in a variety of sizes and price points, greenhouse shelving is something that every gardener will use season after season, making it a practical and unique holiday gift.

·        Garden Help Cart

In larger greenhouses and outdoor gardens, hauling plants, tools, and equipment back and forth can be a painstaking process. A garden help cart that easily glides between garden rows makes easy work of moving items from place to place. Ideal for commercial greenhouses, farmer’s markets, home gardening, and nurseries, the gift of a garden help cart is a gift that makes gardening life easier.

Greenhouse Equipment

If the plant loved in your life already owns a greenhouse, you can be sure that they will eventually need to replace or upgrade their greenhouse equipment in coming years. Help them stay ahead of the curve by gifting them with equipment upgrades. Here are a couple of pieces of equipment that we recommend replacing often, in order to maintain optimum growing conditions inside a greenhouse.

·        Greenhouse Heaters

In most parts of the country, we recommend greenhouse heaters to help combat cold temperatures. If you are looking for a gift that will make your plant lover’s day, you can’t go wrong with a greenhouse heater. Whether they need a backup heater in case of an emergency, or are looking to save money by upgrading to a more efficient heater, the gardener in your life will appreciate your help in keeping their plants safe all year long.

·        Greenhouse Lighting

More and more gardeners are becoming aware that grow lights in different spectrums, wattages, and configurations can help boost the growing cycles of their plants. With many options to choose from, some growers shy away from trying out new lighting techniques in their own greenhouses. Gift them with the opportunity to experiment with these newer technologies by giving them new bulbs, lamps, or complete greenhouse lighting systems.

 Looking for Something Else?

While this is a list of some our favorite unique holiday gifts for gardeners, we understand that not all growers are looking for the same things. At Gothic Arch Greenhouses, we have a variety other tools, equipment, structures, and growing solutions that would also make thoughtful gifts for anyone who loves or works with plants. Call one of our experts today at 1-800-531-4769 and ask about the special holiday pricing and discounts available to you.