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Rectangle Vinyl Gazebo


  1. Rectangle Vinyl Gazebos | Timeless Elegance and Minimal Upkeep Discover the beauty of our rectangle vinyl gazebos, marrying classic design with easy maintenance. Crafted from pressure-treated pine and enveloped in durable vinyl, perfect for your outdoor haven.

  2. Elevate Your Outdoors with Rectangle Vinyl Gazebos | Stylish and Long-lasting Elevate your outdoor space with our rectangle vinyl gazebos, offering a blend of style and durability. Available in various sizes, these gazebos are designed to be a centerpiece of relaxation.

  3. Vinyl Rectangle Gazebos | Classic Shape, Modern Durability Introducing our vinyl rectangle gazebos, a fusion of classic charm and contemporary resilience. These gazebos provide an inviting retreat while enduring the elements.

  4. Customize Your Oasis with Rectangle Vinyl Gazebos | Tailored Beauty Shape your dream outdoor oasis with our customizable rectangle vinyl gazebos. Meticulously crafted with laminated posts, exquisite 1×6 tongue & groove roofing, and enduring vinyl cover.

  5. Premium Vinyl Rectangle Gazebos | Lasting Beauty for Your Landscape Explore the allure of premium vinyl rectangle gazebos, meticulously designed with quality in mind. Laminated posts, double 2×4 rafters, and stainless steel screws ensure elegance and endurance.

  6. Size : 8’, 10', 12', 14', 16',18',20',24',26', 28', 30'



Roof options

Standard Shingles Architectural Asphalt Shingles Standard on all Gazebos

Aged RedwoodCharcoal GrayDriftwoodDual BlackDual BrownDual GrayEarthtone CedarHarvard SlateWeather Wood
Aged RedwoodCharcoal GrayDriftwoodDual BlackDual BrownDual GrayEarthtone CedarHarvard SlateWeather Wood

 Metal Roofing Colors & StylesAvailable Metal Colors & Styles


Styles Operations

Roof Styles


Vinyl Railing Styles

No Bottom Rails.Baroque Style.Colonial Style.Country Style.
No Bottom RailsBaroque StyleColonial StyleCountry Style

Flooring Options

Standard Composite Flooring


Tropical Composite Flooring

SlateRosewood GoldenGolden CypressBlack WalnutAmberwood
SlateRosewood GoldenGolden CypressBlack WalnutAmberwood

Vinyl Gazebo Advantages

Looking for an elegant gazebo without the maintenance of traditional wood? A vinyl gazebo might be the perfect choice for your needs. Many of our customers appreciate the beauty and maintenance-free qualities of our vinyl gazebo line. A vinyl gazebo will never need to be re-painted or re-stained to maintain its elegant beauty year after year.

In addition to helping you design your perfect pavilion, our experts at Gothic Arch Greenhouses can also provide assistance with foundation plans and communicate contractor regarding site preparation and installation (additional costs could apply). Call us today at 1-800-531-4769 (toll free).