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Blackout Shade System

Climate Shade Cloth

For many years movable screens have been used in greenhouses, for both energy savings and shading. Climate shade cloth can be used both for energy savings as well as for shading and cooling. Along with this information you'll find examples of how Svensson shade cloth have been used, as well as recommendations for choosing the best screen for your climate. We hope that this information will be useful for you.

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Gothic Arch Greenhouses

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Energy Saver - Tempa

Energy Saver - Tempa -Tempa uses aluminium strips in a closed structure to bring the greatest energy savings of all. But it also doubles as an effective shading screen when needed. This dual functionality makes it ideal as a single screen solution or where needs are often changing.

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Diffusion Shading -Harmony Shade Cloth

Diffusion Shading -Harmony Shade Cloth Healthier plants and accelerated production – this is the result of Harmony’s gentle approach to managing sunlight. Its white strips simply scatter sunlight more effectively. To further improve cooling, many Harmony screens have an open structure.

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Energy Saver - Luxous

Energy Saver - Luxous Energy Saver - Luxous lets the most daylight reach the crop while saving energy and improving the greenhouse climate. Its translucent strips and closed structure are effective when in use, but also when not in use – as bundle sizes are unusually small.

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Solar Reflection Screens - Solaro

Solar Reflection Screens - SolaroMaybe you’ve heard of our aluminium know-how – it’s the secret to effective shading whether you’re in Holland or Mexico. The aluminium strips provide the required level of solar reflection, but let hot air rise between them for added cooling. Some of the screens even combine a high level of diffusion to stimulate growth and better regulate plant temperature.

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Blackout Shade System

Blackout Shade System- If you grow plants that need extra beauty sleep, our blackout screens are double layered to provide more than 99.9% blackout (enough for the most sensitive plants). This even lets you choose an aluminum or white upper layer for solar reflection and a white under layer to intensify the effects of any supplemental lighting.

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climate screens will bring you the expected benefits, such as greater yields, higher quality and lower energy costs. The main functions of climate screens are energy saving and shading. Beyond this, the screen is a valuable instrument for controlling the greenhouse growing climate. As these functions are interlinked, knowledge of greenhouse climate control is key, which is why we begin with some of the basics.