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How to Get Started After Buying a Greenhouse

Getting Started With A Greenhouse Gothic ArchInvesting in a greenhouse is an exciting first step to take your gardening efforts to the next level. But once you’ve bought your greenhouse and set it up on your property, what next?

Of course, learning how to manage temperature control (based on your growing region) and irrigation needs (based on what you’re growing) play an important role, but when it comes down to just getting your greenhouse up and running, these are some essential beginning steps.

Supplies. You can’t get started without the basic greenhouse growing supplies, like pots, plants, gloves, tools and a watering can or garden hose. Because monitoring temperature is so crucial, add a thermostat or thermometer to that list.

Select crops. Keep in mind the types of flowers, vegetables or herbs that thrive in your region, and start with those to set yourself up for success. As you become more comfortable or experienced—or even if you want to experiment—you may want to expand your selection.

Prepare for planting. Get everything ready to begin. Make sure your greenhouse is clean, your pots and tools are properly sterilized, even your potting soil is free of pests and bacteria (especially if you are mixing your own).

Start your seedlings! Move your seedlings into planting pots so they can grow and thrive! Be careful not to introduce outside pests into your greenhouse environment, and give your budding plants room to develop.

Be aware. Inspect plants for any signs of pests, overwatering or overheating. Make notes in a journal if that helps you track temperature (relative to time of day) and the amount of water your plants are receiving.

Keep things neat and tidy. As your plants start to flourish, you’ll need room to spread them out—or add to your greenhouse—so keep it well organized. This can also help you maximize your work area and discourage pests.

Try a “greenhouse-only” plant. While it’s advisable to grow plants that are suitable for your growing region, you should also try your hand at one you can only grow in a greenhouse. Tap into the power of your new investment and challenge your green thumb!

Network with others. Before you spend too much time and money in experimentation, reach out to other local or regional gardeners, whether through community groups or online forums. Learn from seasoned growers about what works and what doesn’t—and grow your gardening circle in the process!

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