The summer solstice can be viewed as a period of vigor and growth, both personal and symbolically.If you are fortunate to have a small piece of fertile earth and have taken the time to cultivate and plant a garden, then this period of abundant sunshine is no doubt enhancing the growth and maturity of your vegetables and flowers.

Pause and take a moment during this powerful time of year to breathe deeply and draw strength and wellness from the fullness of life around you…and to give thanks for the wonder and beauty of cycle of life, death and rebirth of this mysterious world.

As gardeners working in the soil, we share camaraderie of appreciation of the knowledge and attunement of the changing seasons which helps us to somehow innately better understand our place in the universe.

Looking ahead to the waning of summer, giving way to Fall and ultimately to the dormant Winter period…we can take solace in the assurance our planting of seeds in  cold frames or greenhouses, our seedling will be ready for transplanting in the garden when Spring ultimately brings the period of renewal of life and creation.

So, on this longest of days….this summer solstice, let your inner brilliance shine through to brighten the world around you.


Happy Growing from the folks at Gothic Arch Greenhouses.