Greenhouse Growing Saves Water

With the economy on everyone’s minds, finding ways to cut expenses as well as converse precious resources is good for both the earth and for your bottom line. Water is vital to plant growth, but in many areas can be in short supply and high in cost.

Greenhouse growers use as much as 61% less water than outdoor farmers. This is due to reduced evapotranspiration rates, drip and flood irrigation methods, closer crop spacing, and shorter crop cycles. Growers also cite sustainability, more frequent harvests, ease of pest control, and more control over their growing environment as additional reasons they are choosing to move crops traditionally grown outdoors in. Water-borne disease is also easily reduced.

Just within the United States, 38 percent of our fresh water consumption used for crop irrigation. Worldwide, 80 percent of our fresh water supply goes to crops. Irresponsible watering practices can create a huge strain on water supplies, can contribute to disease, and can affect the quality of the water supply.

Growers with an eye towards the future are more and more turning to greenhouses to protect their crops, protect our natural resources, and protect future generations’ world. As many areas face water shortages, decreasing water loss when tending for crops is vitally important.

A recent study of tomato growers showed, pound for pound of yield, greenhouse producers used approximately 61% less water than an open-air farm. Additionally, frequently cycling crops gives more harvests, while having fewer heavy-watering days within each cycle.

Within the greenhouse, water quality can be managed with ultraviolet light purification, which reduces instance of disease and pathogens. Water filtration can also help growers in areas where groundwater has increased salt intrusion or heavy mineralization.

Growing Hemp in a Greenhouse

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