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DURA-BENCH plastic bench top is engineered to replace the wood, wire, and expanded metal on greenhouse benches. The durable, non-porous polypropylene plastic panels are designed with 1.1″ x 1.1″ square holes for easy cleaning and engineered to interconnect with other panels to create a smooth, flat bench surface. DURA-BENCH plastic bench top will not corrode, rust, or have sharp edges like expanded metal or wire tops. DURA-BENCH is peak load tested at 630 lbs. and will not dent or warp. Attaching the DURA-BENCH to metal, wood, or a pipe substructure is fast, and easy using #10 stainless steel screws. With countersunk pre-molded holes, the screws pull down and hold the panels from moving on the benchtop.

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  • Made from durable, non-porous polypropylene plastic
  • Eliminates problems like corrosion, rust & sharp edges
  • Will not crack, rot, or splinter
  • The smooth panel allows trays, flats & pots to slide across the surface with ease
  • Extended lifespan
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Superior impact & wear-resistance
  • Attach to wood or metal frames
  • Increased airflow
  • Easier cleaning
  • UV-protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-porous/moisture-resistant

DuraBench Original Features

  • 24.125" x 48.25"
  • Tabs that interlock on the long edge; short edges are smooth
  • Requires support every 16" or 24."
  • Designed for speed of installation
  • 1.1" x 1.1" square holes
  • 5.93 lbs each

DURA-BENCH Original Non-Overlap

The DURA-BENCH Original Non-Overlap is 2' wide by 4' long with interlocking tabs along the 4' side. The Non-Overlap design is primarily used in 4' wide benches where no connection is needed on the 2' side of the panel.*

  • Dimensions -Each 24" x 48" panel weighs a mere 6.32 pounds and is designed with 1.1" x 1.1" square holes

TDURA-BENCH Original Overlap

The DURA-BENCH Original Overlap design is a 2' wide by 4' long panel with connections on all four sides. This design utilizes four interlocking tabs along the 4' side, allowing the parts to be adjoined. The 2' side uses an overlap connection only requiring one cross support.*

  • Dimensions -Each 24" x 49.5" panel weighs a mere 6.52 pounds and is designed with 1.1" x 1.1" square holes


Dura-Bench panels are quickly and easily installed on metal, wood, or pipe-style benches. 

*Note: This is a benchtop only - bench frame and legs are not included

Assembly Instructions (PDF)


Q.What size pots can I put on the benchtops?

A. This depends on the style used and the distance between the supports. When properly supported, some of our panels can easily keep the average person's weight.

Q.Can, the bench panels are cut?

A. The Dura-Bench Plastics Greenhouse Bench Tops can be cut with any tools that can cut wood.

Q.What screws do I need to use?

A. We recommend a #10 x 2" long screw. Stainless screws are recommended due to the harsh environments in many applications.

Q.What chemicals can I use the clean the panels?

A. The Dura-Bench panels can be cleaned with any chemical typically used for this application.

Q.Are the bench clips required?

A. We recommend using the Dura-Bench Ultra clips with the Dura-Bench Ultra in every place where the two clip receivers meet.