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Solarstar Large Gothic Greenhouses

Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic
Solarstar Large Gothic

Gothic Solarstar Large Greenhouse with Film

Gothic Style Solar Star™ Greenhouses and Greenhouse Systems are available with solid polycarbonate, greenhouse film with roll-up sides or polycarbonate with roll-up sides.

  • Frame is constructed from highest quality Allied Gatorshield® structural steel tubing.Solarstar Large "Gothic" Greenhouses
  • End frame is constructed from strong 14 gauge 1.5" square Allied Gatorshield® structural steel tubing.
  • Choose Gothic style featuring polycarbonate ends and greenhouse film top covering or choose Gothic style featuring solid polycarbonate, or polycarbonate with roll-up sides. Both are available as stand-alone greenhouses or complete greenhouse systems.
  • 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate provides superior insulating qualities, offers reduced heating costs and comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • Double layer film covering with Inflation Fan Kit, is manufactured using an outer layer of Sun Master 6 Mil 4 year greenhouse film and an inside layer of Sun Master Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Film that maximizes heat retention and offers excellent drip control. Poly latches are included.
  • "Twist-of-the-Wrist" roll-up sides make ventilation easy.
  • Heavy-duty double doors are 48"W x 92"H each and come complete with stainless steel hinges and latch. Optional second door kit is also available.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts are included with 20'W, 26'W , 30'W and 34'W units.
  • Heavy-duty mounting feet, that can be used on any surface and come with pre-drilled fastening holes, are included with 38'W units.
  • During extreme heat, we recommend our 60% black knitted shade panels, sold separately, to eliminate heat stress and to ensure optimum plant growth.

Covered with greenhouse film, roll-up sides or Drop-Down sides and polycarbonate ends:

# Film Roll-up sides or Drop-down Sides

#Polycarbonate with Roll-up Sides

# Film Roll-up sides/Drop-down Sides

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