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Solar Garden Custom High-End Attached Sunroom

Solar  Garden Custom High-End Attached Sunrooms are the best quality greenhouse. Solar  Garden Custom High-End Attached Sunrooms can be designed to meet virtually any building code. In addition, these units can be customized with numerous accessories and decorative options. Hobby greenhouse, unlike permanent greenhouses, is able to be moved if necessary.

These custom residential attached greenhouses models are built with the utmost care to ensure a solid, safe addition to your home. Each of our lean-to or gable-attached greenhouses is adaptable in design and built to each customer’s specifications to match existing roofline and architectural elements.

Frame Material: Aluminum 

Colors: seven standard colors, bronze, black, white, sandstone, natural clay, Hartford, and green. and anodized mill finished performance chart for the different glazing.

Glazing :

LoE 272:Cuts down on UV rays which burn plants but still lets in enough light for plants growth.

LoE 366:Lets more light in than other options, but keeps more heat out. Excellent fading protection

LoE240: deal for reducing glares. can be used in roof for plants with 272 in the walls.

LoE i81 (with 366 & Argon) :Triple pane performance requiring only double pane glass



Benefits of an Attached Sunroom

  • The ease of connecting to an existing structure’s utilities, such as gas lines, plumbing, and electrical, makes it a popular style among homeowners.
  • Maximized heating benefits from having a shared wall with your existing structure, making it an ideal extension of your living space.
  • The ability to tie in with existing architecture makes its style a great choice to complement your home’s design.
  • The convenience of having your growing space just steps away helps you achieve your gardening goals with ease.

Lean-To Greenhouses

A lean-to greenhouse is designed to “lean” against the side of another structure. It has a single, sloping roof-line, descending from ridge truss, two gable end walls, a full front wall, and shares a full wall with the existing structure.

Lean-to greenhouses are especially beneficial in colder climates. They are considered to be extremely tough and wind-resistant, but are also a very beautiful property enhancement, as often used for a sunroom as for growing.

To best suit your home, our lean-to greenhouse designs are customized to fit under the existing eaves and appear to be part of the original design, and can be assembled at grade level or on a custom knee wall, with custom door drop options as well. Upgrades for higher wind and snow loads are available.

Gable Attached Greenhouses

A gable-attached greenhouse should look like an original part of your architecture. These structures are designed like a traditional freestanding greenhouse, but with one gable end wall removed to attach to your existing structure. Place doors in the sidewalls or gable end and increase sidewall height to maximize available floor space; the options are plentiful to create the greenhouse or sunroom of your dreams.

Sometimes called abutted greenhouses, these designs can be upgraded for higher wind resistance and greater snow loads for areas with strict building requirements, and architectural elements carefully matched to create that sunroom feel.

Choosing Your Custom Attached Sunroom

Whether your home is classically styled, sleek and modern, rustic, or anywhere in between, Gothic Arch Greenhouses’ custom options will allow you to match your style and budget with a lean-to structure or abutted greenhouse that complements both your design elements and your gardening goals.

An attached residential greenhouse should have some consideration given to available sunlight, ventilation, and temperature control. In addition, the height of the attached wall will usually dictate the height and size of the attached greenhouse. Generally speaking, the wider the structure, the higher the supporting wall must be.

Other considerations would be the optimum location of windows, vents, and doors, if your structure will face north, south, east, or west, and what your relative humidity is in the hottest part of the year. Planning for the best ventilation will also help you to choose if you prefer sidewall doors, end-wall doors, or vestibule entrances.

Lastly, some thought should be given to how snow or rain will slide off of the roof onto the attached greenhouse depending on your climate, so choosing the proper slope, style, and material for your roof and attachment are key. Our greenhouse experts are here to help guide you through the often tricky ins and outs of designing a greenhouse that attaches to your house.

Custom Attached Greenhouse Uses

  • Create a relaxing sunroom that brings the beauty of the outdoors in
  • Enjoy hobby gardening and extend your growing season by protecting plants from harsh weather
  • Add seating, tables, and lighting to design a bespoke outdoor entertainment or dining area
  • Cover a pool or spa and enjoy swimming in privacy all year long

Building a lasting greenhouse that will add value and enjoyment to your property is Gothic Arch Greenhouses’ specialty. Please call us at 1-800-531-4769 or request a quote to find out more about residential lean-to greenhouses today!

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