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Electric Soil Sterilizers

Electric Soil Sterilizers

Eliminate Weeds and Disease:

Kills weeds practically 100%, kills all soil-borne insects and, in general, all of the bacteria, fungi and virus organisms that are harmful to commercial crops.

Safe and economical:

No hazards from hot steam or dangerous chemicals


Use inside or outside any place your electrical cord will reach. Available with a 25' optional cord set.

Easy to Use:

Fill the sterilizer to the top of the box. Plug the sterilizer cord into your electrical outlet. Set the thermostat to the correct sterilizing temperature. The indicator light will glow until the batch is done. When the indicator light turns off, leave the soil in the sterilizer for another 15 minutes. Pick the sterilizer up and the soil will drop through the open bottom. Standard units have aluminized steel exterior and interior (ss). Custom units have aluminized tubes (sst).