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Roller-Hook ~ makes trellising vining crops simple & easy

The Roller-Hook is an innovative simple vining crop trellising hook device which allows for the lowering and cleaning of tomato or cucumber plant quickly and safely due to its unique design.

With the Roller-Hook, the process of adjusting the vining plants on it’s support twine is achieved with one hand on the trellising twine, a squeeze of the lock mechanism with the other hand….then the unit slides down the overhead support wire the required distance as the plant is lowered to workable height.

This time and labor saving seamless process is made possible only with the Roller-Hook. Besides enhanced efficiency of working conditions, a specialized safety feature prevents the unit from slipping off the overhead support wire.

The Roller-Hook consists of a pre-wound spook with 25 to 36 meters of UV stabilized twin which lasts up to three back to back crops before replacement is needed.

All these features of the Roller-Hook results in substantial savings in labor and material costs.

Cost effective:

  • Provides significant increase in yield and quality.
  • Attaches to existing trellising wires.
  • Reusable for several seasons; just change the spool when the twine is finished.
  • Available with double twine on one spool to enable
  • lowering two vines together.
  • Spools come with 25 - 36 meters of UV resistant twine.
  • Suitable for 2.5 to 4.0 mm trellising wire.

Please call 1-800-531-4769 for inquiries on volume purchases.