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Residential Pool Enclosures

Having a swimming pool at your home is a wonderful way to spend time with your family and friends throughout the warm summer months. Residential Pool Enclosures allow you to extend the swimming season and enjoy hassle free days by pool all year long. Pool enclosures can be freestanding or added onto a house providing an unbeatable combination of style and function.

The benefits of Residential Pool Enclosures are:

  • Weather will no longer keep you from enjoying a day at the pool. Heaters can be installed to keep your structure warm during the winter months. Ultra strong and durable polycarbonate roofs provide protection from rain, snow, hail and harmful UV-rays.

  • Debris and pests can fall into your pool, clogging drains and creating extra daily work for a pool owner. Pool enclosures keep debris and pests away from your pool, resulting in a cleaner swimming environment and lessening the amount of chemicals required.

  • Pool enclosures provide more privacy for your family and guests.

  • Adding a pool enclosure to your property increases the value of your home.

  • Enclosures can be customized to match or complement the color, architecture and landscaping of your home.

Custom-Designed Spa & Pool Enclosures

Gothic Arch Greenhouses allows the charm and beauty of Mother Nature to come in, while keeping snow, wind, rain, leaves, and insects away from your pool, spa, or hot tub. Create a backyard paradise with a barrier between your oasis and the outside world.

Our non-corrosive aluminum framework and stainless steel fasteners will stand the test of time in the high humidity, chemical- filled environment of a pool or spa enclosure. Efficiency-enhancing ridge vents, doors and windows facilitate proper ventilation and climate control. These custom designed systems can meet any wind or snow load requirement, and are available in high-performance tinted glass or polycarbonate.

Additional Specifications

  • We use a non-corrosive aluminum framework and stainless steel fasteners, which stand the test of time in the high humidity, chemical filled environment of a pool or spa enclosure.

  • Efficiency-enhancing ridge vents, doors and windows allow for proper ventilation and climate control, and our gaskets are made of a special non-shrink core that minimizes leaks and air infiltration.

  • Our double-paned, insulated glass is 1" thick vs. the competition’s 7/8" thick design (a 14% increase in depth for added efficiency), and our 3/16" glass measures 50% thicker than our competitors’ 1/8" glazing.

  • These thermally broken design specifications add up to increased R-values while simultaneously decreasing U-values.

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