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Red Plastic Mulch

Red Plastic Mulch

Red Plastic MulchRed Plastic Mulch has started a 'tomato red' revolution, this remarkable red mulch helps tomato plants grow faster and more productively. Research has proven this specially engineered red mulch film reflects far-red light wavelengths upward into your tomato plants triggering the release of a natural plant protein that stimulates more rapid growth and development. Your plants will mature faster, look bushier, and give you a more flavorful, more abundant harvest than ever before. Also may be used with strawberries, melons, red peppers and other crops that fruit above ground. Micro-perforations allow water, air and nutrients to reach the soil surface. Not designed for weed suppression.

Red mulch reflects intensified red light to the developing plants, which increases their photosynthetic capacity. More light is reflected early in the season when plant foliage covers less of the mulch, allowing plants to grow more quickly and yield earlier. Tomato yields have increased as much as 20% higher with SRM-Red as compared with black plastic. SRM-Red is a high quality, durable plastic that is 1.0 Mil thick and lies well over flat or raised beds. It has season-long integrity and is easily removed from the field after harvest.

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