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Preassembled Poly Inflation Fan Kit

Our pre-assembled roof inflation kit creates an insulating dead air space between a double layer poly roof forinflation kits greaterenergy efficiency and visual appeal. Gives you that nice tight, even poly look. Includes blower, heavy-duty mounting bracket, flex tube and air-transfer gaskets

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A Preassembled polyinflation fan Kit is a complete package designed to provide controlled air inflation for greenhouse film or polyethylene covering. This kit is typically used in greenhouse structures and serves several important functions:

  1. Polyethylene Inflation: The primary purpose of this kit is to maintain the inflation of the polyethylene film or covering on the greenhouse structure. When properly inflated, the poly film forms an insulating barrier that helps regulate temperature and humidity within the greenhouse. It also helps prevent the film from sagging, which can reduce its effectiveness.

  2. Temperature Control: Controlled inflation of the polyethylene film helps manage the internal temperature of the greenhouse. By adjusting the pressure of the inflation fan, growers can fine-tune the greenhouse's climate, ensuring that it remains within the optimal range for plant growth.

  3. Preassembled Convenience: The term "preassembled" indicates that the kit comes ready for installation without the need for complex assembly or additional components. This can save time and effort during the setup process


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