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Greenhouse Poly Films

Greenhouse Poly Films

Low density polyethylene/ EVA copolymer with other materials and additives that provide to the film many properties.

Poly Film coverings are available in several grades of quality and several different materials. Poly film costs are very low because the frame can be lighter and plastic film is inexpensive. Light transmission of these Poly Film coverings is comparable to glass.

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Gothic Arch Greenhouses

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Greenhouse Poly Films-Ginegar poly films for your greenhouse coverings

Ginegar Poly Films:

Sun Selector films are high advanced long-lasting multi-layer photo selective films for use in greenhouse and tunnel covering applications. They combine high level agronomic research with over 25 years of professional plastics know-how to provide growers world-wide films that are both technically unique and economically viable. Multi-layer technology with selected additives, provides the right combination of strength, versatility and light transmission.

6mil Clear UVA,6mil - 4 Year Film
IRAD Clear- 4 Year Film 6mil
White 55% - 4 Year Film

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Polyethylene Films for Greenhouse Covering- GT Greenhouse Poly Films

GT Performance Poly FilmsGT films show up in a hurry, but you can plan on them sticking around for a while. That's because GT films are made from the toughest polyethylene resin in the business, on the strongest extruder in the business. That means you can count on GT films to unfold easily, install quickly and stand up to Four Years of UV bombardment

GT - 4 Year Film
IRAC - 4 Year film
Overwinter - Single Season Film

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Solar- Ice Cooling Film

Solar- Ice Cooling Poly Film:Greenhouse owners have long contended with the loss of heat from greenhouses during the night and at times of cool weather. That is why high level of thermicity of Solar-Ice is so important. Research conducted in Europe shows that, in greenhouses covered with Solar-Ice, the total solar heat load was reduced by over 20%, without any significant decrease in PAR light.

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Polyethylene Films for Greenhouse Covering-Tufflite Greenhouse Poly Films

Tufflite Poly Films:Tufflite is the original "colorless" polyethylene greenhouse covering. For over twenty years, growers have covered their income (crops) with Tufflite. Tufflite was the first multi-year product incorporating the HALS Formula System (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer) of ultraviolet inhibitors.

Tufflite IV 6mil 
Tufflite IV 6mil Tubing
Tufflite IV 55%White
Tufflite I  (4mil, 6mil sheets)
Tufflite Infrared (6mil sheets & 6mil Tubing)
Tufflite Drip-Less(6mil sheets & 6mil Tubing)

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Poly Film Accessories

Poly Film Accessories: Inflation kits, Wiggle Wire, Repair Tape

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