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Pacific Greenhouses

Elegant and stylish, our attractive Custom Pacific Greenhouse is one of the most popular choices with all levels of home gardeners. The beautiful curved Pacific Greenhouse is a high-quality structural design that adds the look of an old English garden to your landscape. Available in freestanding, gable attached, or lean-to styles, choosing the Pacific Greenhouse to perfectly complement your home has never been easier.

Gable-Attached Pacific Greenhouse

Gable attached greenhouses attach to your home or existing structure on their gable side. Utilizing the multiple size, color, and glazing options available, you can build a greenhouse to complement any home or landscape. We can place doors in the sidewalls or the gable end and increase sidewall height to maximize available floor space.

Lean-to Pacific Greenhouse

Lean-to greenhouses use the wall of an existing structure to create the fourth wall of the greenhouse, resulting in only having one greenhouse slope. Lean-to greenhouses are especially beneficial in colder climates due to being able to access your greenhouse without stepping outside

Glazing Options

  • 6mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate

    Our 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate is the most economical glazing material available. Very practical for a `growing greenhouse`, it offers insulation than single pane glass and diffuses sunlight, which may become too strong in the summer. It is essentially unbreakable, making it very safe in a family environment. The insulation will prevent the temperature in the greenhouse from changing drastically, resulting in the best possible growing environment for your backyard garden.

    R value = 1.79, approximately 78% light transmission.

  • Single Layer Tempered Glass

    Our single layer tempered glass is a tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage or injury. The traditional look is appealing to greenhouse gardeners and offers full light transmission to control growing variables. Single pane glass is adequate for keeping a `cool greenhouse` in mild climates.

    R value = 0.9, approximately 95% light transmission.

  • Double Layer Insulated Glass

    Our double layered insulated glass is a tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage or injury. Insulated double glass is the best of both worlds, providing you with the aesthetically pleasing look of a glass greenhouse and the insulation you may require for your specialty plants or for hotter, sunnier climates.

    R Value = 2.04, approximately 90% light transmission.

Framing Specifications

Our heavy-duty aluminum frame is ideal for hobby residential and commercial greenhouses that require a permanent structure to complement an existing landscape. The standard greenhouse frame can withstand 85 mph winds and 30 pounds per square foot for snow loads. Mix and match glazing to suit your growing needs.

Additional Information

  • Roof Slope: 12/12 pitch at 45 degrees
  • Standard Widths: 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20'
  • Standard Lengths: 6',8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', 24', 26', 28', 30', 32', 34', 36', 39', 41', 43', 45', 47', 49', 51'
  • Standard colors: A wet baked enamel paint in your choice of Arctic White, Hartford Green or Rideau Brown

The fully customizable Pacific Greenhouse, with its curved eaves and graceful lines, is a truly special design that will bring enjoyment for years to come. Call one of our greenhouse experts today for your quote, at 1-800-531-4769.