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High Tunnel Multi-Bay Greenhouse

High Tunnel Multi-Bay Greenhouses are an economic solution for commercial growers who want to expand their operations. These structures are gutter connected to each other to provide multiple bays that allow you to walk freely between structures.

Some Benefits of High Tunnel Multi-Bays Are:

  • Affordability-the frame and covering are less expensive than glass or polycarbonate greenhouses
  • Expandability- it's easy to gutter connect additional structures to you greenhouse as your operation grows
  • Space saver- no space between bays means you use less land for the same amount of growing area
  • Ventilation- high tunnels can be ventilated naturally or mechanically
  • Protection-protect your plants from harsh weather elements and extend your growing season

When choosing a High Tunnel Multi Bay Greenhouse, consider the following:

  • Your climate
  • Your crops
  • The size of your growing operation
  • Your overall budget

High Tunnel Multi-Bay Greenhouse Specifications:

  • Your choice of a single or double layer of 6mm 4 year poly film covering
  • 14 ga. Galvanized steel framing
  • Roll-up sides allow for natural ventilation
  • 5' bow spacing

Also Available Separately

  • Up to 90% shade cloth
  • Blackout tarps and systems
  • CO2 generators

Whether you are just starting out or have a fully running commercial growing business, we can help you find a high tunnel to fit your budget. Call us today at 1-800-531-4769 to get started.