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Solexx Greenhouse Panels

Insect Screens Netting

Greenhouse Covering

Given the increased problems and costs associated with pesticides, no modern greenhouse should be without the proper insect barrier. Insect Screens, correctly installed, prevent insect penetration, yet provide maximum possible air flow, essential for optimal crop yields.

Regardless of the cooling and ventilating system that you use, you need to consider insect screen. Screening intake vents will produce dramatic results, but all greenhouse openings, including service doors (which should incorporate double screened doors), should be screened for best results .

Insect Screen excludes White fly, Aphids, Leaf miners and up to 80% of Western Flower Thrips in field applications. Several years of laboratory and field testing have resulted in a patented screen structure that maximizes air circulation, while keeping pests out. Special equipment has been developed to ensure hole size accuracy, and a 0.24 mm diameter yarn is used, which is 45% stronger with greater UV resistance, compared to 0.20 mm diameter standard yarns.

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