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Lifetime Greenhouse Bench-Folding Legs

Lifetime Greenhouse Bench-Folding Legs 

  • 20,000 psi Fiberglass Frames are Stronger, Lighter, and more Durable than Wood
  • Resists Weathering, Will Not Rust or Decay, Corrosion Resistant
  • Provides Better Air Circulation and Drainage than Solid Surfaces
  • Inhibits Mold and Fungus Growth
  • UV-Protected, Polypropylene Bench tops have Smooth Edges and Surface for Safety and Efficient Operation
  • Fixed Leg, Folding Leg, Removable Leg, or No-Leg Designs Available; Folding and Removable Leg Designs Collapse for Storage and Transport
  • Easy to Clean and Disinfect

**** Lifetime Bench Systems are shipped unassembled, and include easy-to-read instructions. These benches may be ordered with no legs, removable legs, folding legs, or fixed legs.

****Fixed and Folding Leg benches come with self-drilling #12 x 3/4" long hex head screws. Tool needed will be a 1/4" hex head driver and an electric drill with a 1/4" diameter drill bit (a masonry drill bit works best on fiberglass.)Call 800-531-4769 (toll free) For Order

Folding Legs - Black bench tops, Grey fiberglass frame, Grey  fiberglass legs that fold into the table