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Griffolyn Covers

Griffolyn Poly Films Covers

Make sure your greenhouse covering has the strength to protect your investments!!! The best Griffolyn covering for sale from Gothic Arch Greenhouses !!!

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Special Features

Multi wall Polycarbonates are used for a wide variety of industrial applications, and are valued for their durability and resistance to chemicals and other damaging elements.

  1. Weather and Corrosion Protection
  2. Anti-Static
  3. Chemically Resistant
  4. Lightweight
  5. Fire Retardant
  6. Low Permeability
  7. UV Stabilized
  8. Puncture Resistant
  9. Long Outdoor Life

Griffolyn®, the original division of Reef Industries, has been manufacturing quality, internally reinforced polyethylene laminates designed for a wide range of applications. Griffolyn®'s patented, high-strength reinforced grid provides superior puncture and tear resistance with an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to weather.

Use Griffolyn® for Corrosion Protection, Equipment Storage/Shipping Covers, Landfill Covers, Vapor and Moisture Barriers, Dust and Environmental Partitions, Contaminated Soil Covers, Athletic Field Covers, Greenhouses, Crop Protection or any of a thousand other possibilities

Griffolyn® plastics can be customized to any size and shape, ensuring your exact requirements are met. Griffolyn® is available in white, black and clear. Custom colors are available upon request. This product is a cost effective and durable solution to prolong the service life of your investments.

Please call 1-800-531-4769 for inquiries on volume purchases.


The Griffolyn can be use for: Dust Partitions, Storage covers, landfill covers, Pallet/Drum Covers, Containment tents, Shipping covers, Athletic Field Covers, Vapor retarders, Security Curtains, Custom fabrication,

The Patented high-strength cord reinforcement grid gives Griffolyn the unique combination of handling. A UV stabilization process is used during manufacturing to minimize the deteriorating effects of the sun. Griffolyn retains its strength and flexibility even in extreme temperatures.