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commercial greenhouses-multi greenhouse kits.greenhouse supplies

Multi Greenhouses Multi Greenhouses-Commercial Greenhouse kits Multi Greenhouses-Commercial Greenhouse kits Multi Greenhouses-Commercial Greenhouse kits

AT-Greenhouse has successfully developed a wide range of greenhouses, from simple to completely automated units using the most advanced technology in the market, AT-Greenhouses are designed to be used in any type of climate or cultivation.

The material used in AT greenhouses, including the accessories, are completely manufactured out of hot sendzimir or discontinuous process galvanized steel. All the materials that we use are of first quality and are manufactured under strict quality control, being the greenhouse itself a product conceived under the parameters that the norm EN 13051-1 specifies


The Multi-AT Greenhouse is designed for any type of cultivation and can be installed in all climates. This model allows the use of additional equipment inside the greenhouse such as: thermal screens, heating, cooling or fog systems, etc. Using additional equipment combined with different ventilation types, for example: top, front and/or lateral ventilation, which contributes to the ideal conditions for each type of cultivation, receiving a bigger profitability as a result.

The Multi-AT Greenhouse is available in three different widths:21ft,26 ft and 31ft

Multi-AT Greenhouse Multi-AT Greenhouse Multi-AT Greenhouse


*Span Width:21ft, 24ft, 26ft ,31ft
*Gutter hight:9.8ft.,11.5 ft, 13.1 ft, 16.4ft
*Height from gutter to apex:4.2ft, 4.9ft, 5.2ft, 5.7ft,
*Distance between arches:6.6ft,8.2ft
*Distance between interior pillars:13.1ft,16.4ft (optional 6.6ft,8.2ft)
*Distance between exterior pillars:6.6ft,8.2ft


*All structural members are hot galvanized steel
*Central gutters designed with end  8 folds and gutters designed with 7 folds for superior strength and an increased ability to gather and funnel off condensation.
*Gutters are made wide for easy  assembly of structure, Internal structural reinforcements of O 1.77 inches,O1.26 inches, with 3 vertical ties and V type braces designed for any application or climate,
*Structure designed to support the weight of hanging crop, hydroponics cultivations, aluminum screen ,nets, irrigation system, etc. Reinforced end-walls


*Sliding double door at end or in the sides 9.8 ft x 9.8 ft or 8.2 ft x 9.8 ft
*Optional: outside or inside double door 8.2 ft x 9.8 ft


*Double super zenithal window
*Single super zenithal window
*Single window to gutter
*lateral windows
*End-wall window


*Single or double plastic with inflating system
*P.V.C plate or polycarbonate plate

Securing the Film

*AT exclusive steel profile with continues P.V.C clip

Multi AT Gothic Greenhouses

The Multi AT Gothic Greenhouse is designed for warm or cold climates. This type of model contains:Multi AT Gothic Greenhouses

  • a bigger volume of air

  • better ventilation

  • more brightness

  • better evacuation of the condensation

All this leads to improvements of the conditions in general and together with a rigid structure it will allow the use of all types of cultivation.

With its Gothic shaped dome, the  Multi AT Gothic Greenhouse is able to obtain a bigger volume of air, which is beneficial for any type of cultivation, resulting in a bigger production, with more uniformity and a higher quality.

The top vents in the  Multi AT Gothic Greenhouses  are situated in a higher location than the traditional oval-shaped  Multi AT Gothic Greenhouse  greenhouse, allowing a better air ventilation and evacuation of the condensation. In the  Multi AT Gothic Greenhouse , the angle in the roof gives a better light transmission.

Multi AT Convertible

The Multi AT Convertible is a variant of the Multi AT Gothic Greenhouses and can be used in climates where the differences of temperature and humidity between day and night are small

The Multi AT Convertible is ideal for those companies that want to invest moderately for the time being. It is possible to automate this greenhouse in the future to the convenience of the client. It has an option to leave the top windows always fixed open. If there is the need to automate them in the future, only the required elements needs to be added in the current model to operate it automatically.

Multi AT PV and OCV Greenhouses

The form of the arch of the Multi AT  O.C.V. is similar to the Multi AT  GOTHIC. The difference between both models is that the structure of the Multi AT  O.C.V. is lighter in weight, It is designed to use in areas where there are no strong winds. It has the same advantages as the Gothic model and it allows the use of all the additional equipment in the climate control. The top, side and front ventilations can optionally be used manually or automatically.

The Multi AT P.V. greenhouse is a variant of the Multi AT O.C.V. and is characterized mainly by its fixed top ventilation. This model is designed for areas with a soft climate during the whole year, where the winds are moderate.

One of the big advantages of the greenhouses One of the big advantages of the greenhouses Multi AT O.C.V. & P.V. is their price due to the structure which is lighter in weight, without stopping to be sufficiently strong to support winds of up to 112 km/hour. O.C.V. & P.V. is their price due to the structure which is lighter in weight, without stopping to be sufficiently strong to support winds of up to 112 km/hour.

AT Multi Greenhouses with Crops

Multi Greenhouses Multi Greenhouses Multi Greenhouses Multi Greenhouses

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