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Glass Garden Sunroom

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The Glass Garden Sunroom are a practical and beautiful way to increase the usability of your property. These lightweight structures will stand up against 80mph winds, and stay standing even under a 28lb per square foot snow load.

Two individual glass walls which cover 180 degrees of the pavilion slide on a circular track that allows you to position an opening wherever you like. You can also position the walls so that the pavilion is completely enclosed, then use the sliding door in one of the wall sections to enter and exit.


The included thermodynamic fan helps provide ventilation for each Glass Garden Sunroom. Glass Garden Sunroom makes an great hot tub cover, and can be used for all types of entertainment. There are 9 different sizes to choose from .

Special features:

  • Exquisite Pavilion made out of two walls - each cover 180

  • Walls move around on two tracks - each will rotate 360

  • Position opening in any direction you like

  • Includes a sliding door in outer half

  • Comes with shade cloth in the inner half

  • Great hot-tub cover

  • Available in 9 sizes.

  • Roof constructed of 3mm high impact resistant Plexiglass

  • Walls constructed of ESG 5mm tempered safety glass

  • Aluminum frame

  • Includes thermodynamic wind driven fan

  • Available in Anthracite (grey), forest green , or white

  • Rated for 80mph winds

  • 28 lbs/sq.ft snow capacity

  • Wind rating and snow capacity can be increased with optional reinfoprcement package


  • 3,31 m = 130" = 10'10" dia. ; 6' 11" side wall, center 9'10" h

  • 3.94 m = 155" = 12'11" dia. ; 6' 11" side wall, total height with base 11'10"

  • 3 4.62 m = 182" = 15'2" dia. ; 6' 11" side wall, center 11'1" h

  • 4 5.28 m = 208" = 17'4" dia. ; 6' 11" side wall, center 11'9" h

  • 5 5.93 m = 233.5" = 19'6" dia. ; 7' 2" side wall, center 12'7" h



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