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Expansion Mansion Greenhouse

The Expansion Mansion is an ideal choice for both new and established growers, offering a range of features and benefits to help you succeed in your cultivation efforts:

  1. Economical Advantage: The Expansion Mansion is designed to be one of the most cost-effective growing structures in its class. This means you can start or expand your growing operation without breaking the bank while still maintaining high quality.

  2. Optimal Ventilation: The thermostatically controlled side wall ventilation system ensures that your plants receive maximum airflow and circulation. Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining a healthy growing environment and preventing issues like mold and excessive humidity.

  3. Connection Options: The flexibility of the Expansion Mansion allows you to assemble it as a freestanding structure or gutter-connect it to other Expansion Mansions. This modularity makes it easy to expand your growing space as your needs evolve without the need for extensive construction work.

  4. Long-Term Profitability: Whether you're just starting or have an established growing operation, the Expansion Mansion is designed to support your long-term profitability. Its versatility and durability ensure that it will serve you well for years to come.

  5. Available as a 21-foot wide single freestanding bay or in any number of gutter-connected bays for widths of 42', 63', 84', or more.

In summary, the Expansion Mansion is a versatile and economical solution for growers, providing the necessary features for successful cultivation, whether you're starting out or expanding your existing operation. Its cost-effectiveness, ventilation system, connection options, and customization features make it a valuable investment for growers looking to maximize their productivity and profitability.

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