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Evaporative Cooling Pads

Agriculture and horticulture evaporative cooling pads are designed to provide effective and long-lasting cooling for harsh environments commonly found in agricultural settings such as greenhouses, swine and dairy barns, and poultry houses. These evaporative pads are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and damage from exposure to moisture, heat, and other environmental factors. With their efficient water absorption and high evaporation rates, they help regulate temperature and humidity levels, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for plants and animals. With their proven durability and effectiveness, agriculture and horticulture evaporative cooling pads are a reliable choice for maintaining optimal growing conditions and animal welfare in agricultural and horticultural settings.

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The Evaporative Cooling Pads are a high-efficiency cooling media made with high-absorption cellulose Kraft paper. They are treated with wetting additives to ensure a long-lasting and low-maintenance life. The 110 grams per square meter virgin Kraft paper has been reinforced with high-quality adhesives and rigidifying agents for increased resistance. Which helps reduce scaling and mineral buildup, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Consistent Performance - High-efficiency and low-pressure drop
  • Durable Construction for Longer Life - Heavier paper and higher resin content
  • Easy to Install and Maintain - Self-cleaning and self-supporting design
  • Customized Cooling - A variety of sizes and flute angles are available
  • Wide Range of Applications, Agriculture & Horticulture, Industrial & Commercial, Comfort Cooling


  • For 4" pad systems: Use 1 sq. ft. of pad per 250 CFM.
  • For 6" pad systems: Use 1 sq. ft. of pad per 400 CFM.

Example: A building has 6 fans that produce 20,000 CFM each for a total flow of 120,000 CFM through the building. 4” system — 120,000 ÷ 250 = 480 sq. ft. of pad required 6” system — 120,000 ÷ 400 = 300 sq. ft. of pad required


  • Keep the water in the system clean to prevent clogging of the pads.
  • Ensure the water distribution system works properly to avoid uneven water distribution and dry pad spots.
  • Maintain the appropriate water level in the sump to ensure that the pump is not starved for water.
  • Check and replace the pads regularly as needed to maintain optimal cooling performance.
  • Check the pads for wear, tears, or other damage that may affect their performance.
  • Adjust the fan speed and water flow rate to achieve the desired cooling effect.


  • Clean the sump and water distribution system regularly to prevent clogging and ensure proper water flow.
  • Check the pump and motor regularly to ensure they are working properly.
  • Clean the pads regularly to remove any dirt, debris, or mineral buildup that may reduce their efficiency.
  • Replace the pads when they become worn or damaged.
  • Check the fan blades for balance and wear, and clean them if necessary.
  • Inspect the ductwork and make sure it is clear of obstructions.
  • Ensure that the system is operating according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Regular maintenance and operation of the Evaporative Cooling Pads will ensure optimal performance and extend the life of the system. Following these guidelines will help to prevent problems and keep your cooling system running efficiently.

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