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Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review

Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review -J.Seamone

J. Seamone
Germantown, MD 20874
12' x 12'
Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Dear Mr. Sierke,

I was at my greenhouse today putting in plants for the winter and the decal on the storm door caught my eye , even though I've seen it hundreds of times since 1986. I decided to call the number on the decal, an old 205 area code for Gothic, which was not in service, so I goggled the company and found your website and number. I called and explained to the person that answered (Kim I think) that my friend and I had purchased the Gothic arch greenhouse from you in 1986 and still going strong! My friend and I put the greenhouse up in spring of 1986.

It has seen 2-3' blizzards, windstorms, below zero and above 100 degree temps, hurricanes and hail and still intact! I have used it to overwinter all sorts of tropical plants, bananas, palms, elephant ears, cannas, etc. I have included several photos of the construction in 1986 and a few from today with my plants and exterior. It's a bit dirty but all in one piece. Everything is original, outside corrugated fiberglass, the inside we covered with thick mil plastic creating a nice 3" air gap, all original.

The only thing not working is the big exhaust fan in back, the thermostat quit working a few years back. I am having the storm door replaced next week, it finally just about came off the hinges. It's 27 years old! As you can see from the photos, solid construction and a crushed stone fill for a floor. I thought maybe you could use the photos on your website. I would certainly endorse your product! What an incredibly well manufactured product.


J. Seamone

Good Morning,

What a pleasure it is to hear back from you after all these years that your GothicArch is stil holding strong and serving your needs. I would be absolutely delighted to have your permission to utilize the photos and some of the content of your email. If you have anything else you'd like to add to your experience with your GothicArchGreenhouse, we'd be more that grateful to incorporate in a testimonial or a newsletter.

Needless to say, your contact and words of praise for our product makes our chest swell with pride in knowing we've provided a quality product and service to you. Please let us know how we can be of further assistance. Catch the Sunshine…and Happy Growing!

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