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Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review

Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review - C. Magnusson

C. Magnusson
Barrie . ON. L4N3W7 Canada
14 x 16
Gothic Arch Greenhouses

A couple of years ago, we wanted to purchase a greenhouse. We searched the internet and made the decision to buy one of your arched greenhouses. Actually I was impressed by the statement that it was a strong frame and even a big branch would not destroy the greenhouse!!

We had a big storm going through the city of Barrie north of Toronto in Canada this afternoon around 2 pm.

A strong wind gust and then a big bang! and looking out of the south window it showed our big Manitoba maple tree on top of the greenhouse. Seldom we get big storms from the south, mostly north or north/west, and always were glad that the greenhouse was in a very protective spot on the east, south/east of our house. Well today was not the usual storm!! Even though there was an absolute horrendous water and hail coming down, my husband immediately checked out our greenhouse on the inside!!

All was well, no damage at all. Praise God and thankfulness that we purchased one of your greenhouses!!

Here are 2 pictures as proof of this event.

The tree that came down was a survivor of the Barrie tornado in 1985, and had since then been on a slight slant.

With thank fulness,