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Custom and Luxury Design Enhancements - Group 1

When designing your home greenhouse or adding custom space to your business or commercial property, details are the key to making your structure unique. Customizing the details of your greenhouse allows you to put your personal sense of style and aesthetic into your structure. Adding our greenhouse design enhancements is an affordable way to instantly elevate the look of your structure. Choose from Group 1 or Group 2 to design the perfect look for your new greenhouse or conservatory.

Ridge Cresting

Ridge cresting is a decorative element added along the roof ridge of your greenhouse. Available in a variety of designs, ridge cresting can recreate the look of Old-World greenhouses, English conservatories, Victorian orangeries, Italian vineyards, art-deco sunrooms, Gothic cathedrals, or French manors. Ridge cresting is often combined with finials to achieve the full, desired effect you are looking to create.


Finials have been a form of detailing in architectural designs for hundreds of years. Adding finials to your greenhouse is an easy way to achieve either an antique look or a modern look without breaking the bank. Also known as spires, finials are usually placed at the highest peak of a greenhouse roof.

We offer a variety of finials that can stand alone or be paired with our ridge cresting to further enhance your design. Though we offer numerous finial designs, some of the most popular options are the French style fleur-de-lis finials, modern ball and rod finials, dramatic Victorian finials, and simple, cottage style finials.


Decorative gutters provide a distinctive and polished look to your greenhouse. Used alone, decorative gutters add charming detail to the edges of your greenhouse. They can also be paired with ridge cresting and finials to complete the overall look you want to achieve. Available in either one-piece or wrap around styles, decorative gutters also provide drainage and water run-off for your greenhouse. Connected downspouts allow you to channel rainwater into a container and use it to water your greenhouse.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are small windows placed directly above an existing window or door. These windows add ornamental detail to your greenhouse while also allowing additional light to enter. Our transom windows can be fixed windows for decorative purposes or operable windows for added ventilation. These windows can be sectioned by trim and encased in molding to complement and enhance the overall look of your greenhouse.

Eave Spandrels

Before fabric curtains and shades were available, artisans often used eave spandrels to buildings to give an ornate, one of a kind look to the architecture. Placed in window corners of greenhouses, sunrooms, and other glass structures, these spandrels can be customized to complement and enhance the intricate look of your structure.

Base Panels

Adding decorative base panels to your greenhouse gives the structure a clean, finished look. Base panels can be used in place of more costly knee walls to add height and style to your greenhouse.

Also Available Separately

  • Louvre windows
  • Automatic vent openers
  • Hanging basket systems
  • Decorative, colored shade cloth

All of our accessories are available in a variety of custom colors and anodized finishes. Our greenhouse experts are available to help you add charming, personalized details to your greenhouse. Call us today at 1-800-531-4769 to get started on your project.