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Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review

Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review -H. Hall

14' x 20' trip wall

In 1977 I purchased a 14' x 20' Gothic Arch Greenhouse kit from you with corrugated fiberglass. It is now in its 25th year. This house has been so dependable and wonderful that I have almost come to take it for granted. For instance in the blizzard of 1978 it went 12 hours without power (and heat) with 70-mph winds and near zero temperatures (unbelievable wind chill). Amazingly the solar radiation kept the temperature above freezing (34° but no damage). Over the years windstorms have come through which threaten destruction but the house takes it all in its stride. I remember Mrs. Sierke telling me that if it blew off the foundation she would personally come up and help with replacement.

The maintenance has been of the as needed basis with calking and cleaning being the major areas of concern. Nothing has been replaced or modified since the day the structure went up other than an inside layer of polyethylene replaced every 4 or 5 years. Maintaining a healthy growing environment requires minimal effort beyond shade cloth usage. Plants adapt well when brought in from other growers or wild collected. Growth is firm and healthy with insect and bacterial damage kept to a minimum I believe due to the environment created by your products. This house has produced American Orchid Society quality and culture awards in every one of its four successive decades. I know there are few growers that can say that. I am sure that your products are just as good today, as they were a quarter century ago. And I would love to send you an order but as you can see what you produced is so well constructed that replacement is not that common. Please feel free to use any of the above in your advertising. I cant help you with an order but at least I might be able to assist further sales. Thanks again and look for another letter in 25 years, maybe then it will come with an order. Sincerely,

M. Hall