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Gothic Arch Greenhouses Review - B. Kaplow

B. Kaplow

Aluminet Shade Cloth

I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the Aluminet sunshades I ordered from you last year. They have worked absolutely great for me! While I first saw them at dog shows, my hobby (vice?) is flying model rockets. So we end up out in the summer heat and sun all day. Most of us have E-Z-Up type canopies.

I'd been using a material similar to the canopy for a cloth sun screen on one side, but it got very hot underneath. The Aluminet is perfect. It's MUCH cooler underneath since,

I've switched. I've had many inquiries as to what the stuff is and where to get it. I've pointed all those folks to you. Just this spring several of our club members got together and ordered a dozen more of these.