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Combination pH/ORP Waterproof Tester

It sounds like you're describing another versatile and useful product, possibly from Hanna Instruments or a similar company, that offers advanced features for water quality testing and management.

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Let's break down the features you've mentioned:

  1. Automatic Temperature Compensation: This feature ensures that measurements, such as pH and ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), are adjusted according to changes in temperature, enhancing the accuracy of the readings.

  2. Measures ORP: ORP measurements are important for assessing the oxidation and reduction potential of a solution, commonly used in water ionization and chlorine sanitization processes.

  3. Automatic Calibration: The automatic calibration feature simplifies the calibration process, making it more user-friendly and reducing the potential for calibration errors.

  4. Rugged and Sealed Housing: The rugged and sealed housing design provides protection against humidity and water exposure. The floating capability is beneficial for situations where the device might accidentally fall into water.

  5. Accessories Included: The package includes a protective cap, an electrode removal tool, and batteries (usually four 1.5V batteries with Battery Error Prevention System - BEPS). These accessories contribute to the device's convenience and ease of use.

These features collectively make this device well-suited for water quality testing, especially in applications where precise measurements of ORP and other parameters are crucial. The automatic temperature compensation and calibration features streamline the testing process, and the rugged housing design ensures durability even in challenging environments. The inclusion of necessary accessories and batteries adds to the device's user-friendliness and practicality. Such tools are commonly used in settings where water treatment, sanitation, and monitoring are critical, such as swimming pools, water treatment plants, and industrial processes involving water.

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