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Chemilizer Injector CP33

Chemilizer Injector CP33

The CP33Chemilizer Injector is an adjustable liquid chemical injector; it injects a precise amount of chemical over a specific period of time.

The CP33Chemilizer Injector does not use electricity. It runs off of water flow, and can work with system flows from as low as 12 gallons per minute, to virtually unlimited water flow.

The versatility of theCP33 Chemilizer Injector is due to in part to its unique Injection Control Panel which provides a visual indicator of the injection volume allowing for dynamic adjustment to the injection volume.

While the CP33Chemilizer Injector runs off of water flow, it only uses a portion of the overall flow for power.This limits pressure loss within the water system and also allows the treatment of very large volumes of water. In fact, the CP33Chemilizer Injector is exceptionally suited to injecting very small volumes of chemicals into large volumes of water!