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Garden Carts

Garden Carts

Looking for super strength? Here it is!

Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers a huge selection of Garden Carts, Nursery & Grower Carts, Met Cart Accessories, Homeowners Garden carts, Landscapers carts, Customer Wagons, Shopping Carts, customer wagons, Tracking Trailers, Tree Dolly, Two-Way Plant Movers.

Solution: The following carts are recommended for hilly or rough terrain.

  • Met-6 30" x 58" Tracking Trailer.
  • Met 12 26" x 60" Flat barrow.
  • Met-14-P 24" x 48" bed Four Wheel Flat barrow with crazy legs.
  • Met-1460-p 26" x 60" bed Four wheel Flat barrow with crazy legs.
  • Met26P 20-1/2" x 38" small customer wagon with pneumatic tires.
  • Met29P 24" x 48" Large customer wagon.

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