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 Fabric Structures

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RGS Greenhouses
RGS Greenhouses
RGS Greenhouses
RGS Greenhouses

Britespan Fabric Commercial Building Series

Building sizes available in standard widths or can be can be customized to fit your needs. We provide engineered structures from 24’ to 300’ wide to any length & for every application that are efficient to build and have lower ongoing operating costs than traditional buildings.

Why Britespan?

HOT DIP GALVANIZING Post-weld hot dip galvanizing bonds to steel to provide lifelong corrosion resistance from the inside outside

VENTILATION Large volumes of interior air space give you superior air quality and ventilation

CLEARSPAN INTERIOR With no interior columns, movement throughout the interior is easy for vehicles and equipment.

LIGHT Naturally bright interiors create comfortable environments and help reduce energy costs.

QUALITY Constructed from quality North American steel and engineered to comply with the most current building codes.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT Our structures provide large, bright, secure spaces with reduced operating and maintenance costs

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Fabric Covers

The fabric cover has non-conductive properties that reduce the transmission of heat and cold, making the building feel warmer on cold days and cooler on hot days. 

The Fabric is a heavy weight fabric constructed of two parts, the scrim and 4 mil coatings. The scrim, which is the woven part of the material, is constructed of individual tapes. The unique composition of the tapes and how they are woven together give the fabric its tremendous rip, tear and puncture strength. The specialized 4 mil coatings provide a more uniform and thicker protection layer for the scrim, increasing ultraviolet protection. The thicker coatings are more resistant to abrasion damage during both fabrication and installation of the fabric cover.

The Synergy Non-FR Fabric comes with a 16 year pro-rata warranty. Synergy FR Fabric is a heavy weight fabric with 4 mil coatings used for applications requiring flame retardant material with ultraviolet stability. Synergy FR Fabric comes with a 10 year pro-rata warranty.


A key difference between a fabric building from other suppliers is that we hot dip galvanize our trusses and truss components after all welding and fabrication has been completed. What this does is creates a coating that is bonded to the steel inside and out as well as over the welds. This method of galvanizing offers lifelong corrosion protection, whereas companies that galvanize before fabrication leave areas of the truss where the galvanizing has been burnt off, and the trusses will likely rust form the inside out. This is a major benefit in every application as it dramatically increases the useful life of the structure compared to inline galvanizing. We want to provide our customers with buildings that can stand the test of time, as well as wear and tear.

Steel Trusses

Our trusses are some of the deepest and heaviest webbed trusses in the industry, with depths from 18" up to 96". Using round tubing versus square provides a stronger truss, and improves the longevity of your fabric cover by dramatically reducing cover friction. 


Door size, location and opening style are all key considerations and should be including in the engineering of your building before it leaves the manufacturing plant. With all of the our building series, door locations can be specified into building end walls and building sides to permit the proper traffic flow.

End Walls

Building end walls can be configured in a wide variety of options to suit your needs. These include open ended buildings, one-ended buildings, full fabric end walls, partial end walls, steel clad and wood finished end walls to name a few. 


We offers competitive insulation packages when you require an insulated fabric building. Insulated fabric structures are typically ideal for mining, oil and gas, and other commercial applications when workers will be operating within a building, or when workers quarters are located within a building.  

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

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Rigid Beam series

Rigid Beam Series is an I-beam style truss building that is completely customizable and allows to build structures up to 300’ wide, totally free span.

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Genesis Building Series

Genesis Building Series is available up to 200′ wide. Genesis Series is well suited to commercial and industrial applications in any climate conditions and application.

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Industrial Warehousing

Easy Access Building Series are a new style of building product to the fabric building industry.

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Commercial Accent Building Series

The Accent Fabric Building Series offers an economical structure with efficient use of space and a wide range of applications.

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Atlas Buiding Series

Atlas Building Series applications include livestock buildings, agricultural equipment storage buildings, commercial warehouses, and storage buildings for industrial users.Width from 24' - 108'

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The Epic Structure Series

The Epic Building Series has a straight roof design and offers a new clean look. The straight sidewalls give the building instant height and interior clearance.

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Apex Building Series

The Apex fabric Building Series features a slightly curved roof profile, sharp peak, and standard sidewall legs.

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Rigid Beam Series

Rigid Beam Series

Structures Up to 300' Wide

Genesis Structure Series

Genesis Building Series

Widths from 80' to 200'

The Epic Building Series

The Epic Building Series

Widths from 80' - 120'

The Apex Fabric Structure Series

The Apex Fabric Building Series

Widths from 53' - 100'

Atlas Sturcture Series

Atlas Building Series

Width from 24' - 108'

Easy Access Series

Easy Access Series

Widths from 38' - 67'

Accent Struture Series

Accent Building Series

Widths from 26' - 32'