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Aquafog Turbo XE2000 Direct Feed Fog Fan

The high-capacity Aquafog TurboXE foggers are designed to condition air and not to wet or mist specific objects or surfaces. These foggers produce a that is ideal for various industries, including humidification, evaporative cooling, and chemical application. Aquafog TurboXE foggers work best for humidification purposes in almost fully contained areas, while for chemical applications, completely contained areas are recommended. For evaporative cooling, partially contained and ventilated areas are suitable.

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Aquafog Turbo XE 2000 fogging fans are exceptional atomizers ideal for various industrial and commercial applications. These foggers are designed to produce fog with strong airflow, making them perfect for indoor humidification, evaporative cooling, and chemical fogging. They are made with UV-stabilized components, making them suitable for outdoor use. 

AquafogTurbo XE does not require nozzles, high-pressure pumps, compressed air, or filtration, unlike other fogging systems. This eliminates the need for constant repairs and maintenance. The fogging output of the Turbo XE can be adjusted and controlled using a flowmeter. The unit can be controlled manually or automated by adding a control with a solenoid valve. Turbo XE 2000 fogging fan can also be fed using a metering pump or gravity feed system.

  • Nozzle-Free Atomization
    Up to 34 GPH
    Pivoting Fogging Head
    Powerful and Efficient
    UPS-able (motor ships separately)


Additional Information

Overall Dimensions:

Diameter 21 in / 53.5 cm
Depth 17.5 in / 44.5 cm
Height 25 in / 63.5 cm

Propulsion Distance:

30-35 ft / 10-11 m

Noise @ 10 ft:

72 dB(A)

Average Particle Size:

5-10 microns @ low output
25 microns @ mid output
35 microns @ high output


1/2 HP - 3,000
1/3 HP - 2,800


Continuous duty capability

Energy Consumption:

1/2 HP - 7.4/3.7A @ 115/230V
1/2 HP - 1/2A @ 230/460V 3Ph
1/3 HP - 4.4 amps @ 240V 50Hz

Shipping Weight:

Box 1, 19 lbs/8.6 kg
Box 2 (1/2 HP), 32 lbs/14.5 kg
Box 2 (1/3 HP), 32 lbs/14.5 kg

Box Dimensions:

Box 1, 21”x21”x15” / 53x53x38 cm
Box 2, 16”x12”x12” / 41x30x30 cm


300 Series stainless steel


Endures temperatures from
31° to 160° F

Indoors / outdoors

Humidity to 100% RH

UV stabilized & impact resistant