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Active Air Hygro-Thermometer

You'll find multiple uses for and multiple places to put this Active Air hygro-thermometer. Check the large number LCD display from a distance, and move it around with you as you go about your gardening tasks. The hygro-thermometer's readings are extremely accurate. Prop it up on your workspace, close to your plants, or wall-mount it for hands-free hanging readings.

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  • Current temperature and humidity reading with simultaneous display of Max and Min memory
  • Auto-switch display between indoor and outdoor temperature reading
  • Continuous indoor relative humidity and temperature display
  • 3 meter temperature sensor for convenient placement
  • Jumbo screen display

Product Details

Alternate Keywordshygrometer, hygro-meter, hygrothermometer, Aquaponics
Dimensions12.8L x 9.6W x 9.7H (CS)
9.0L x 5.0W x 1.3H (EA)
Shipping Weight0.25 lbs.