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Solar- Ice Cooling Poly Film

Solar- Ice Cooling Poly Film

Greenhouse Covering

Solar-Ice is a four-year film that will lower greenhouse temperatures in the daytime heat. Solar- Ice is the first highly diffusing greenhouse film that improves growing conditions by using controlled diffusion to influence the light reaching the plant. It is designed to make more light available to plants by increasing the amount of diffused light to close to the maximum, while reducing short wave infra-red radiation and enhancing useful light in the PAR range. This four-year, 6 mil film is the ideal choice as an outside layer, and the perfect partner with GT IR/AC on the interior

This leads to healthy, bushy plants while reducing greenhouse temperatures. In addition, there is less risk of plants scorching while achieving an optimum rate of photosynthesis. Solar-Ice creates higher yields and stronger-than-normal root systems, making it a excellent choice for ornamental plants, nursery stock and tomatoes.

Greenhouse owners have long contended with the loss of heat from greenhouses during the night and at times of cool weather. That is why high level of thermicity of Solar-Ice is so important. Research conducted in Europe shows that, in greenhouses covered with Solar-Ice, the total solar heat load was reduced by over 20%, without any significant decrease in PAR light.

Your workers and customers will enjoy this more comfortable environment and you can expect this will be reflected in productivity, too.

  • 4 year, 6 mil greenhouse film
  • High light transmission
  • Excellent thermic properties
  • Effective light diffusion

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