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Shade Houses

Shade Houses

The placement of a very thin screen reduces the entrance of pests and diseases and also creates a drop in pressure of the air passing through the screen which reduces plant transpiration. The physical exclusion of the insects from the greenhouse reduces the incidence of direct crop damage and also of insect-transmitted virus diseases. There is also an independent roof layer of polyethylene film which keeps the rains out, while allowing maximum passive ventilation.

Not only are these structures economical but they also save you time and money while protecting your profit.

Reduce Watering
Water is a precious resource and so is the time it takes to accomplish this task. Shade helps you conserve both!

Shade Material
Many percentages of shade cloth are available to suit your growing and/or retailing needs and the needs of your plants

We carry a variety of shade structures to fit your needs. Whether you’re growing, retailing, or throwing a party-we’ve got you covered.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

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Hava-Cabana Shade Houses

Hava-Cabana Shade HousesShade Houses is Low-cost and extremely versatile, the Shade House-Hava Cabana provides an attractive and practical shelter for a host of outdoor events. Featuring the easy snap button design, it sets up and breaks down quickly. Great for fruit, vegetable or plant sales.

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Shade Houses - Sun Stopper

Shade Houses - Sun Stopper can be brutal on tender young plants. The Shade house Sun-stopper will protect your valuable product from scorching and windburn while reducing water requirements. It features straightforward assembly, expandability and is built tough with 2.5" x 12 gauge, galvanized steel for years of trouble free service. Available in 10’ x 20’ and 20’ x 20’ standard blocks, the Sun-stopper is also offered in custom configurations to meet your existing layout. .

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SHADING HOUSE SHADING HOUSE is easy-to-assemble, modular design features galvanized steel construction and an extended base plate that allows you to use your palletized product for hold-down. No more holes in your parking lot.

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Shade Houses - W-Truss Shade housse

Shade Houses W-Truss is a sturdy shade structure for your plants and customers. Increase customer comfort and reduce the amount of water used and time spent keeping the amount of water used and time spent keeping your live product in top-selling shape. Its rugged3" x 3" vertical posts combined with a strong horizontal truss system gives you one of the best-built and attractive shade structures on the market. It comes standard in 20' x 20' blocks with 30-90% shade cloth and can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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A Frame Shade House

Bench-Mart SR provides full plant protection in an impressive, highly visible structure. It is designed to be a low-cost, modular, and movable sales building. It’s 17' width reduces parking space loss by covering only one row in most retail lots. Engineered for simplified setup, easy future expansion, and superior strength, the Bench-Mart SR is a complete package to quickly get you started.

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