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Economy Round Style High Tunnel

Economy Round Style High Tunnel

  • Manufactured from 14 gauge USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing.
  • 6' rafter spacing.
  • 6 mil 4 year single layer greenhouse film, for cover and ends, comes complete with all hardware necessary for installation.
  • Universal Joint Roll-Up for sides, including all hardware.
  • Heavy-duty ground posts included.

Dare to Compare: What makes our Economy High Tunnels better? Ours: Heavy-duty, USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing frame. Theirs: Lightweight, chain-link fence pipe or the equivalent.

Ours: Heavy-duty ground posts and multiple purlin rows. Theirs: Only single purlin at ridge.

Ours: 6 mil 4 year greenhouse film with poly latch for film attachment. Theirs: 1 year greenhouse film. No attachment system.

Ours: Universal Joint Roll-Up for sides, including all necessary hardware. Theirs: No roll-up sides. Film attached with batten strips.

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