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Commercial AM Hydroponic Systems

Commercial AM Hydroponic Systems

The 2012HL Herb and Lettuce is a recirculating system with 1,152 plant sites. This system is perfect for for start-up commercial growers. Using the nutrient film technique (NFT), the 2012HL System sustains hydroponic agriculture at improved rates and is ideal for growing: basil, cilantro, parsley, arugula, watercress, fancy lettuce, head lettuce, bok choy, mizuna, kale, chard, and more

The 2012HL System comes in two versions; the 2012HL Do-it-Yourself version and the 2012HL Hardware with Plumbing Kit version. A six-month growing supplies option is also available, one for lettuce and one for basil. A NutriDose 1 system with PC interface will take the guess work out of balancing your reservoir and the Three-Tray Propagation System with Bottom Heat Package will keep your seed starts healthy and warm.