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Professional Greenhouses for Professional Grower

Super Mart Greenhouses

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Super Mart Greenhouses Super Mart Greenhouses Super Mart Greenhouses Super Mart Greenhouses
Super Mart Greenhouses Super Mart Greenhouses Super Mart Greenhouses Super Mart Greenhouses

Our Super-Mart greenhouse is designed for lawn and garden retailers who are ready to take their business to the next level. Designed to provide you with construction efficiency and years of durability, our Super-Mart greenhouse can help you increase the value of your business and improve your sales.

The Super-Mart provides your plants with the optimal lighting and ventilation they need to thrive, while offering your customers a premier shopping environment. Better plants, increased merchandising, and improved customer experience are all key to your success. So when you’re ready for the next step, give us a call. We’ll be happy to work with your contractor or architect to ensure you get the best structure for your investment

  • Wide spans
    Variable widths up to 42' to satisfy your project needs.

  • Superior ventilation
    Ridge vents, side vents, or fan & louver ventilation.

  • Sturdy structured sheeting
    Choose from several types of long-lasting polycarbonate structured sheeting


Rack & pinion side vents
 Add versatile side vents to keep your customers and plants in the ideal environment.

Rack & pinion roof vents
Chimney effect vents out highest point to maintain consistent interior temperatures.

Strong, factory welded trusses
 Trusses come pre-welded and assembled from the factory to insure uniform strength and quick construction of your Super-Mart. Saves on construction costs and guarantees a stronger greenhouse.

Customize your look
We'll work with your architect or contractor to customize your Super-Mart. Whether you want your greenhouse to stand out from the competition or want it to match your current store, the Super-Mart will work for you.

Variety of doors
You can order your Super-Mart with a multitude of different doors for customer flow and ventilation. Choose from swinging or sliding, horizontal BI-fold and even roll-up garage style.

Variable bay widths up to 42'
Wide interior spans allow easy customer movement and exact sizing for your specific needs.

Sturdy polycarbonate sheeting
Choose from several different types of long-lasting polycarbonate structured sheeting or even corrugated steel

Freestanding or gutter connected
The Super-Mart can be constructed as a freestanding unit or gutter connected to additional Super-Marts. It can also be gutter connected to existing buildings.

Meets IBC building codes
Meets or exceeds the International Building Code (IBC). International Code Council.

Click below image to see larger version
Super Mart Greenhouses-professional greenhouses, Super Mart Greenhouses-professional greenhouses, Super Mart Greenhouses-professional greenhouses, Super Mart Greenhouses-professional greenhouses,
Rack & pinion side vents Rack & pinion roof vents Strong, factory welded trusses Customize your look
Super Mart Greenhouses-professional greenhouses, Super Mart Greenhouses Sturdy polycarbonate sheeting polycarbonate sheeting
Variety of doors Variable bay widths up to 42' polycarbonate sheeting Meets IBC building codes


Width: up to 42'
Length: starting at 24' with increments of 12'
Sidewall height:10' (ground to bottom chord)
Height at apex: variable with width
Frame spacing:12'
Side/endwalls:3" x 3" x 12 ga. galvanized steel
Horizontal girts:2" x 2" x 12 ga. galvanized steel
Diagonal struts:2-1/2" x 12 ga. galvanized steel
Rain gutters: 14 ga. galvanized steel


Display Benching
Doors - 3' x 6'-8" swinging or sliding (single or double)
Roof, side and gable coverings - 8mm Clear or Corrugated Polycarbonate
Environmental Controls
Shade Cloth

Ventilation system

Ventilation system fo commercial greenhouses

Ventilation Fan is one of the most important requirement in the greenhouse cooling system for a greenhouse, Exhaust fans are nice for cooling and providing fresh air inside, keeping temperatures in the greenhouse at a reasonable level.  you will have all you need to equip your greenhouse with a durable fully automated ventilation system.


Greenhouse Heating

greenhouse gas heater

Choose from our wide selection of gas, electric heaters, Greenhouse Heating will keep temperatures in the greenhouse at a reasonable level in summer time.


Evaporative Cooling System

commercial greenhouse supplies

Choose from our aluminum, PVC evaporative cooling systems and 4" or 6" pad thickness. You can choose open top. Open design allows for easy detection and cleaning of clogged holes in the distribution pipe.


Environmental Control Systems:

Environmental Control Systems

Choose from thermostats or  greenhouse controllers. It makes greenhouse temperature control easy. Just connect your heating and cooling equipment and turn the knobs to the desired day and night temperatures. No more dueling thermostats that have cooling systems and heaters running at the same time


Circulation Fans 

Circulation Fans 

Circulation fans provide constant air circulation within the greenhouse space. Helping plant health by reducing disease caused by condensation on plant leaves.


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