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Climate Screens Solaro

Solar Reflection Screens - Solaro

Maybe you’ve heard of our aluminium know-how – it’s the secret to effective shading whether you’re in Holland or Mexico. The aluminium strips provide the required level of solar reflection, but let hot air rise between them for added cooling. Some of the screens even combine a high level of diffusion to stimulate growth and better regulate plant temperature.

There are Solar Reflection screens for most applications: inside, outside, open roof – with either sliding and suspended systems or rolling systems. Where the climate is particularly hot, a combination of screens often provides best control.

Warranty: 5 years under all types of greenhouse covering, see our limited warranty for all terms, conditions and exclusions in writing

Climate Screens Solaro has a highly reflective quality and an open structure ideal for ventilation. But unlike natural cloud cover, it can be put to use whenever it’s needed. This makes it ideal for shading in hot climates or simply to manage more sensitive plants

Reasons to choose Solaro:

  • The ultimate shading thanks to its open structure for maximum ventilation.
  • Effective cooling for greenhouses with roof ventilation
  • Exterior grade versions available allowing other screens to be used inside for greater climate versatility
  • Without gapping for ventilation, the shading – and crop – are more even
  • Can be used at night to reduce radiation losses that otherwise cause condensation on plants.
  • Available in 30% to 80% shade.