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Plant Pots Containers

Round Plastic Pots (Mesh Bottom)

Round Plastic Pots (Mesh Bottom) High quality round pots with a mesh bottom. For Indoor or Outdoor use.


Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-RPMP 724100 6" Black Plastic - Round Pot 50 $73.00 shopping cart
N01-RPMP 724105 8" Black Plastic - Round Pot 50 $135.00 shopping cart
N01-RPMP 724115 10" Black Plastic - Round Pot 50 $160.00 shopping cart
N01-RPMP 724120 12" Black Plastic - Round Pot 50 $275.00 shopping cart

Square Plastic Pots

Square Plastic Pots

Square plastic pots for hydroponics or soil use available in Black or White. These pots are of excellent quality.


Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-SPP 724135 5" x 5" x 5" Black - Jumbo 200 $240 shopping carts
N01-SPP 724140 5" x 5" x 6.5" Black - Jumbo Senior 200 $240 shopping carts
N01-SPP 724160 6" x 6" x 7" Black - Magnum 150 $218 shopping carts

Square Plastic Pots

Square Plastic Pots

Nice quality pots made from a slightly thinner material than the regular 'Square Plastic Pot'. Great for a variety of hydroponics and soil applications. Sold in case quantities only.



Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-2GPP 724425 5.5" x 5.5" x 6" Black Plastic Pot 200/cs $118/cs shopping cart

2 Gallon "Perfect Pot"

2 Gallon "Perfect Pot" 

Simplicity is key when designing a pot for all growers. The Perfect Pot is durable and flexible, designed for use with large plants, for soil and hydro growers alike. This pot will allow growers to pack a maximum number of plants per tray, without over-crowding, leaving enough room to grow large, bushy plants with lush root systems. The Perfect Pot was designed to fit perfectly in trays of all sizes, from 13” x 40” up to 4’ x 8’.


Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-2GPP 724525 8.5" x 8.5" x 7.5" Black Perfect Pot 36/cs $180.00/cs shopping carts

CoCo Tek Basket Liners

CoCo Tek Basket Liners Coco Tek products have become an instant hit! They are 100% organic and environmentally friendly (product will break down in 3 years), yet very durable because fibers are woven not shredded like compressed coco bricks. Sold in Bag Quantities Only


Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-CTL 714025 3" Coco Liner 20pcs $13.60 shopping carts
N01-CTL 714040 6" Coco Liner  10pcs $10.80 shopping carts
N01-CTL 714045 8" Coco Liner 10pcs $26.90 shopping carts

Grow Bags

Grow Bags

Grow bags are available in 1, 2, 3, or 5 Gallon. Sold in Case Quantities Only.


Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-GB 724400 1 Gallon 1000/case $180/cs shopping carts
N01-GB 724402 2 Gallon 500/case $130/cs shopping carts
N01-GB 724405 3 Gallon 500/case $150/cs shopping carts
N01-GB 724410 5 Gallon 500/case $210/cs shopping carts
N01-GB 724412 7 Gallon 500/case $240/cs  
N01-GB 724415 10 Gallon 250/case $330/cs  
N01-GB 724418 20 Gallon 100/case $116/cs  


30 Gallon Camo Grow Bag

30 Gallon Camo Grow Bag
  • Sturdy 6 mil plastic

  • Digital camo print

  • Pre-punched drainage holes

  • Fill with preferred media

  • Plant right in the bag 

Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-GCB 740072 30 Gallon 50 $287.5/cs  


Black Plastic Buckets

Black Plastic Buckets

These premium quality, black plastic buckets can be used for a variety of gardening applications. Many growers use these as containers to grow their plants in. You can even place the 3.2 gallon bucket inside the 5 gallon bucket to build your own hydroponics growing system. These can be bought in Pallet Quantities also.


Model # Description Quantity Prices Buy Now
N01-GLB 724379 3 Gallon Bucket 360/Pallet $2336 shopping carts
N01-GLB 724380 5 Gallon Bucket 280/Pallet $2185 shopping carts

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