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Hydraulic Sprayer

Hydra Spraytrax

The Hydra Spray Trax™ is a high volume hydraulic sprayer capable of performing a variety of tasks. The Hydra is perfect for the application of insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, fertilizers, disinfectants and other chemicals. With a maximum pump output of 8 gallons per minute, the Hydra Spray Trax offers enough volume to utilize a choice of guns, drench and agitate the tank simultaneously. The pump has a maximum operating pressure of 550 psi with a fully adjustable regulator. This allows for flexibility in choice of spray pattern, droplets and distances. The Hydra Spray Trax uses a 5.5 HP Honda Gasoline Motor. This motor is close coupled to the pump, meaning that the motor and pump share the same shaft. This removes any belt, chain or gear drive between the two and offers less maintenance and safety concerns.

The Hydra Spray Trax utilizes a convex reel design to prevent bird nesting of the hose. The reel features lock as well as a variable tension drag prevent the reel from freewheeling and spilling hose on the ground. The unit comes standard with 200’ of hose and Turbo Gun, a superior patterned gun with easy adjustment and a light draw that causes less hand fatigue. The Spray Trax™ cart and tank design utilizes a unique steering system that allows the entire unit to turn on a dime. The Spray Trax cart can turn 360° within a 7 foot distance and is extremely maneuverable. 15” turf tires help the unit overcome any obstacle. The tongue design allows for the unit to be hitched to a tractor or pulled by hand with ease. The Spray Trax cart is available in either a 50 gallon or 100 gallon capacity and can be sold separately or used with other chemical application equipment systems.