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                                         Welcome to Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Since1946, Gothic Arch Greenhouses has provided a wide range of horticultural products and supplies at the lowest prices and the highest quality for hobby, commercial and institutional growers. You buy everything you need from our GreenhouseSupplystore. No one compares to our friendly service and engaging sales team!

Hobby Greenhouses & Supplies-Personal greenhouses allow you to extend your growing season for months and protect your most precious plants. They are excellent for seedlings, and are a great investment in your home and in your life. Grow your own food, and eat better while saving money! Visit our website to see the many different options we have available for the hobbyist, from high-end glass structures to affordable, easy-to-assemble growing spaces.

Commercial Greenhouses & Supplies-Gothic Arch Greenhouses works with the most reliable greenhouse manufacturers in the industry to get you the best quality, the best price, and the best experience building your commercial or retail structure. But we don't stop there; we find the best supplies at the best price, available to be shipped straight to your work site. We can be your one stop shop for films, multi-wall, ground cover, and more, with some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Institutional Greenhouses & Supplies- Education, enrichment, and research programs use greenhouses to expand into year-round operations. From small classes to large institutions, we can fit your program with the right greenhouse. From start to finish, we're there every step of the way, making your vision come to life. Serving the Horticulture Industry since 1946, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done, working with almost any budget. Call today to speak with one of our greenhouse experts

International Greenhouses & Supplies-Today, due to the increasing interest from around the world in sustainable protected food production systems, GOTHIC ARCH GREENHOUSES INC., introduces a new international marketing division – GLOBAL GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS. GLOBAL GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS main function is to aid and assist both the public and private sectors in the development of various levels of sustainable protected food production systems. GLOBAL GREENHOUSE SYSTEMS offers assistance in the planning, coordination, and implementation of sustainable protected food production systems... tailored to the specific economic, climatic and geographic regions of the world. From simple tunnel film tunnels, to state-of-the-art sophisticated computer controlled poly-film or high end glass 'Venlo-style' greenhouse ranges that produce reliable, consistent crops yields many times greater than traditional methods...we can help you plan your project. To open a dialogue to see how a sustainable protected production systems can work for, email or fill out our form online. We look forward to the privilege of working with you.



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