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Pro-Kool Evaporative Coolers

Pro-Kool Evaporative Coolers

Rugged, economical, easy to maintain - the Pro-Kool evaporative cooler is a high-volume portable spot-cooling unit that comes in 28" and 42" sizes to meet any cooling need. When you need more than just a fan, the air delivered by an evaporative cooler is up 20 degrees cooler than ambient temperature.

Use portable evaporative cooling fans to cool almost any area - indoors or out! Outdoor dining, Factories, Hotels and resorts, Athletic events, Auto repair shops, Pools, patios and decks, Outdoor retail, Youth athletics, Pro sports teams, Outdoor tents, Workshops, Stadiums, Movie production sites, Construction sites, Dry cleaners, Fairs, Catering companies, Greenhouses, Farm buildings....

Pro-Kool Evaporative Cooling Works! Many people mistakenly believe they live in a place that is too humid and hot for a Pro-Kool evaporative cooler to be effective. But the laws of physics dictate that as the temperature rises, relative humidity falls.

A review of weather data from hot weather regions shows that even in the most humid climates, midday relative humidity levels are well within the range where Pro-Kool can provide heat relief. Humidity levels may start the day in the 90% range during the cool morning hours, but at 90 degree F. and above, it's almost impossible to have humidity levels above 70%

Features and Benefits:

  • Industry leader for airflow, with 11,200 cfm on high
  • Cooling capacity of over 3,250 square feet
  • Approximately 90% lower energy consumption and 75% less expensive to operate than the equivalent capacity portable air conditioner
  • Automatic low water levels shut-off to prevent pump damage
  • Built-in 38 gallon water reservoir for standalone use or connect to garden hose for continuous use
  • Specially treated, dual water drip over, thick cellulose evaporative pads for increased performance and extended pad life
  • Ergonomic designed with integrated cart and large handle for easy maneuverability
  • Fits on lift gates for ease of transport
  • Humidity controller to run the unit based on humidity levels (optional)
  • 220V models available
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the US