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Southern Burner Gas Heaters

Southern Burner Gas Heaters

Southern Burner unit heaters are exactly what the name implies... individual units designed to be used singly or in groups to heat a unit of space to meet individual greenhouse requirements. Southern Burner heaters circulate warm air over the greenhouse somewhat like the heat rays from sunshine, from the floor up. They do not radiate heat because radiated heat goes directly to the top of the glass in the greenhouse and is lost. With Southern Burner Unit Heaters, the temperature at the top of the greenhouse can be held within 5 to 7 degrees of the floor temperature.

Southern Burner heaters have been in use in greenhouses all over the United States since 1932. In thousands of applications, this method of inexpensive heating has helped make if possible for the average person to have and enjoy a 'backyard' greenhouse, and at the same time make it possible for the large greenhouse operators to expand their glass area to the maximum without the expense of costly heating systems. Southern Burner heaters will heat the same area as other systems on as little as half the fuel cost.

Convenient... Economical... Space-saving... and most important, plants an flowers grown in greenhouses equipped with Southern Burner heaters have always been top quality.