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Hydro SS 700™ Series FAQ

Hydro SS 700™ Series FAQ

1. Does the 700 produce a mist or a fog?

These units produce a very fine misty fog. Ideal for raising humidity levels, evaporative cooling of air mass and also evaporative cooling objects. For example people who pass directly underneath the units could receive a very light misting for some direct evaporative cooling. However most of the mist/fog will evaporate before it has a chance to contact objects.

2. How quiet is the 700 units?

Although these units are not quite as quiet as the humm of a refrigerator, they are quiet and have a very pleasing sound to the human ear. The sound level would not be much different than any ordinary household cooling fan.

3. Do I need to fill this unit with water?

No, the 700 connects with a garden hose connector to any size water supply line. On the "Sump" models, an internal floatvalve will automatically maintain a proper water level. There is also small sump area allowed to collect and reuse all unused water, so no drainage is necessary.

4. How much water pressure do I need?

00 units do not require any high pressure pumps. An ordinary water supply is more than adequate and pressure can be as low as 5 psi. Units can also be gravity fed from reservoir supples located higher than the unit(s).

5. Will the Aquafog units be reliable using my water supply?

All Aquafog units are a self-flushing and nozzle-free system that does not require small orifices to produce a high quality combination mist/fog. In most cases no filtration is necessary. In-fact, Aquafog units can accept ordinary water supplies, such as city, well and even pond water without incurring any clogs. Even well water supplies with high concentrations of calcium rarely present clogging problems.

6. Can I install this unit myself?

You certainly can, the 700 arrives fully assembled, they are very easy and quick to install. To complete a system: a Aquafog 700 unit is already complete and ready for manual operation. The combination 700 unit and a Humidistat can be set for automatic on/off operation according to a desired preset humidity level.

7. Is there a warranty on the Aquafog units?

All of our fogging units and accessories are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

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Need to Know FAQs

Q) What is the fog particle size and will floors get wet?

The particle size produced by the Hydro SS averages 50 microns in size, with the probability of wetness below and near the unit. Particles measuring smaller than 50 microns will usually evaporate before hitting the floor. Mother nature’s fog averages 5 to 10 microns in size.

Suspending units up high and where no sensitive equipment is directly underneath is recommended. Maintaining drier floors can be enhanced by using an additional air moving fan to help evaporate the mist particles. Placing a fan directly underneath and aimed upward to blast air into the fog pattern will greatly increase and force evaporation, when necessary.

Q.Where should the Hydro SS be installed for best results?

The optimal placement of the Hydro SS is high, overhead and oriented to propel fog in the direction of air flow.

The Bench Top should be placed at bench height or higher on a shelf. For the Direct Feed and Hanging Sump units, look for large, open areas up high. Allow adequate clearance directly in front of the fans, or objects that are too close could become wet and result in dripping. A Hydro SS aimed to propel fog horizontally will produce a downward arc in its fog pattern. Placing units higher allows more time for particles to evaporate as they fall, keeping floors drier.

Q)Should I use a humidistat control?

Humidistat controls work best for applications requiring 80% RH or less. If you need to maintain RH above 85%, do not consider using a mechanical humidistat control.

If you are interested in evaporative cooling and have thermostatically controlled exhaust fans, using a humidistat control is a great choice. The two independent systems will work very well together, for cooling as well as for providing a maximum set point for relative humidity control.

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