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Ground Cover & Crop Cover

Floating Crop Covers

Floating Crop Cover Polyester is a general use, lightweight floating row cover. It is made of white, ultraviolet (UV) resistant spun bonded polyester that transmits approximately 70% light, which is adequate for crop growth. Because it is very lightweight (0.6 oz/ sq yd or 20 g/sq m) it is most often used as a floating row cover; that is, it gently floats on top of the crops as they emerge and grow. It is soft and non-abrasive and will not damage crops. Supporting hoops are generally not needed. Although Dupont AG-06 is light in weight, it is durable enough for multiple uses in one season or for several years when handled with care.

AG-06 is available in 67"x 250', 67" x 2550', and 148" x 300' rolls. Only the edge of the material has to be secured; therefore, the larger sizes are more economical to install.

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