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33' Dome Greenhouse

33' Dome Greenhouse

Shop 33 FT Dome Greenhouse Kits

Our Dome 33 ft. greenhouse kits include a long-lived covering of UV resistant, shatter-proof polycarbonate glazing panels and a full set of per-cut, color-coded struts and framing. Features included that make this a year round greenhouse are automatic opening vents, a solar powered under-soil heating/cooling system, Reflect ix insulation, materials for the pond, and a shade cloth. In addition, our 33ft. greenhouses feature a snow-shed entryway with a door with a window, all hardware, and a 24” foundation wall with structural siding. offers the following Weather Packages and System Upgrades with our solar greenhouse kits.

Communities and schools benefit from Dome greenhouse kits by being able to offer a serene environment for people to learn about healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Growing Spaces’ large green houses are ideal for schools and use solar energy to grow organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs, along with fruit trees and ornamental flowers to create a lush forest garden

  • 850 square feet of floor area
  • Height 15 ft. 5in
  • Fresh produce for 8 to 10 people